Advance assurance for SEIS… or EIS… or both?

Even if you’re just planning an SEIS round, when you apply to HMRC for your advance assurance, it makes sense to also ask for an advance assurance for EIS.

The two schemes are very similar, with primary differences relating to the rate of tax relief, timings for when applications may be made and financial caps.

In most other respects (big sweeping generalisation here!), where HMRC can grant an advance assurance for SEIS, in most circumstances, they can also grant one for EIS.

Although remember, your advance assurance is only as good as the information you provide to HMRC and any change in that information (e.g to your company’s trade, articles of association or group structure) could take your company outside of eligibility, irrespective of the fact HMRC have granted an advance assurance.