Contacting HMRC Small Company Enterprise Centre (SCEC) by post, phone & email

By post

The postal address for the central Small Company Enterprise Centre (SCEC) office is here:

Small Company Enterprise Centre (Admin Team)
Mid-size Business S0777
NE98 1ZZ

There is an office in both Maidstone and Cardiff but the central office will distribute to the relevant office. We have found using the central office to be best. At the local offices, post has been lost or returned to us.

For new advance assurance applications, they are all sent to Maidstone where they are allocated to the relevant team based on how complex they are.

By phone

There used to be a phone line for SCEC but now there is just an answering machine and they determine from your message whether a call back is needed!

The phone number is 0300 123 1083.

By email

The email address is

You can now submit advance assurance applications by email, but EIS1 and SEIS1 must still be posted.