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About Us

Who we are and our story

The business was started in 2012 by Kate Jackson, a lawyer and entrepreneur.

Much earlier in 2007, Kate co-founded her first tech business and raised investment from friends and family. She came across the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) (the Seed Enterprise Scheme (SEIS) wasn’t about then) and knew that it was important for her qualifying investors to benefit from this great tax relief scheme.

However, back then, the startup scene and support network new businesses now benefit from didn’t exist, so finding someone that could advise her on EIS and handle the process was like finding a needle in a haystack. Some accountants and lawyers had heard of it or had basic knowledge, but in each case she realised very quickly that she knew as much as they did. So Kate decided to get her head into the legislation and become an expert herself. This meant two things happened; firstly that she secured EIS tax relief for each and every business she has been involved with and second, that she began being very much in demand from fellow startups and business owners for advice and help!

Kate launched to do one thing quickly, cheaply and effectively for businesses: secure advance assurances from HMRC and deal with all matters associated with that, so that founders could focus on their business and on getting those investors to sign on the dotted line.

Since launch, the business has helped 100s of companies and 1000s of investors.

You might be familiar with two of the businesses that Kate co-founded, TableCrowd, which hosts business networking dinners and SilkFred, a fashion marketplace for independent fashion brands.

You can read more about Kate on Linkedin and Twitter – or in a recent Guardian article here.