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Application for an advance assurance for SEIS and EIS

You’ll need this before your investment round and there’s always a queue at HMRC. It can take 4-6 weeks from the point they have received your application for it to be processed and approved.

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Application to HMRC for EIS and SEIS for your shareholders

After the round has closed, you need to apply for the tax relief for each shareholder and send them an EIS or SEIS certificate once approved.

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Advice on the terms of your funding round

Make sure you fully understand the investment terms you’re signing and their future implications.

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Companies House filings

To correctly issue the shares, there are documents that should be filed at Companies House as well as necessary updates to your company books.

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Something else? If it is related to EIS and SEIS we can help. We charge hourly for our time, with rates starting at £137 plus vat per hour.

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