Advance Assurance from HMRC

Advance Assurance from HMRC.


HMRC can issue a certificate (known as an advance assurance) to confirm that at the time of application, your company qualifies for EIS or SEIS. To approach investors with an advance assurance puts you in a strong position – and savvy investors will expect it. We help startups with this process from start to finish, to make sure you have that vital paper in your hand as quickly as possible!


What we do

  • We help you collate the right documents and review them to ensure your company is EIS and SEIS compliant
  • Advise on any necessary structural changes to your company (i.e to your articles or association or shareholders’ agreement)
  • Prepare your application and liaise with HMRC on any questions
  • Help you with any post completion questions or any other questions you might have on the process! We love talking tax 🙂



Our costs

Our costs start at £475 depending on what you need. We’ll assess this very quickly in an initial phone call or some questions over email. Please contact us and we’ll get back in touch right away.