How long does it take to get an advance assurance for SEIS or EIS?

Once your application for an advance assurance has been submitted to HMRC and processed into their system, you can expect to wait 4 to 6 weeks to hear back from them. They will then either send you your advance assurance or they will contact you with questions.

They work strictly in the order they receive the applications. Chasing them or asking to jump the queue is a waste of time. You are in HMRC’s hands. If they are busy, it just takes longer.

In the November 2017 Budget, there was talk of targets being introduced for a 2 week turnaround for advance assurance applications. Great news if these targets can be met!

How can you get an advance assurance more quickly?

2017 Budget & EIS – good news for knowledge intensive companies

The changes to the Enterprise Investment Scheme in the November 2017 Budget relate to knowledge intensive companies. So, what’s new?

  • An investor can invest £2m annually, as long as any investment over £1m is into a knowledge intensive company. The previous cap was £1m.
  • The maximum a company can raise in any 12 month period has been increased from £5m to £10m.
  • To determine whether a company is too old to be eligible for EIS, to start the clock ticking, the company may choose whether to use the date of its first commercial sale or the date from which its turnover exceeded £200,000.

Many were expecting the rules to be tightened up. This will still happen. Investments that will be effected are likely to be those into more stable and established companies – rather than the high risk businesses that EIS was introduced to support.

To see how EIS and SEIS are changing, you can take a look at the updates to the rules contained in the 2016 Budget here.