Dine with founder of Fitch Brew: coffee, crowdfunding and building a successful challenger brand

Enjoy dinner drinks and a chance to meet… 
Emily Fitch-Deeley is founder of FITCH, a UK-based soft drinks brewery launched in June 2017 with one simple mission; to challenge traditional perceptions about what can be done within soft drinks. The 7 strong range of coffees and now teas really push boundaries and explore new flavours and concepts within these two traditional and stagnant markets. FITCH raised £148.3k in an equity crowdfunding round raised in 2017 to launch the business – in just 29 hours! On the night, Emily will be sharing all on the art of crowdfunding as well as launching and growing a successful challenger FMCG brand.

The dinner conversation will be… 
Emily spent 10 years working in the drinks industry prior to Fitch, so understands both the food and drinks industry and the personal and professional requirements needed to take that risk and start your own brand! Take this opportunity to hear from Emily who will be talking about:
✓ Launching and growing a successful challenger brand.
✓ Using an equity crowdfunding round to launch your business.
✓ The art of crowdfunding.
✓ Marketing your challenger brand and creating a marketing strategy that drives success.

Who is Emily Fitch-Deeley? 
Emily Fitch-Deeley is the founder of Fitch Brew, a UK-based coffee brewery launched in June 2017 with one simple mission; to challenge the way people see and drink coffee. After becoming obsessed with Cold Brew coffee during a trip to the US, Emily knew this was a category she wanted to explore back in the UK. As soon as she landed back at Heathrow, she quit her job and FITCH was born. To get the business going Emily took to crowdfunding with Crowdcube and in a mere 29 hours the capital was raised to launch the business, and she closed the round.

Dine with the private fundraising team at finnCap: What’s your company worth? Deconstructing valuations

Enjoy dinner drinks and a chance to meet… 
Grant Bergman is Director of Corporate Finance and Head of the private fundraising arm and Hugo Lough is Corporate Finance Associate at finnCap, an award-winning broker and financial advisory firm that recently acquired Cavendish Corporate Finance (who spoke last year on exits). finnCap advise on, promote and provide access to capital for ambitious, fast-growth companies in both the private and public equity markets. finnCap’s expertise spans multiple sectors and they are the largest advisor on the London Stock Exchange and the No.1 broker on AIM and have raised more than £2bn in equity capital for their clients. Grant and Hugo will be sharing all on understanding how company valuations are determined and how to value your own business in the context of fundraising.

The dinner conversation will be… 
finnCap are specialists at advising ambitious companies, promoting their stories to find the right investment for growth and helping companies access the growth capital that’s right for them. Take this opportunity to hear from Grant and Hugo, who will share all on:
✓ How company valuations are determined in the context of fundraising.
✓ The most commonly used techniques for valuing a company and how to value your own.
✓ Finding the right investment for your business.
✓ Their key valuation and investment experiences and what we can all learn from them.

Who are Grant Bergman and Hugo Lough? 
Grant Bergman joined finnCap five years ago and now heads up the private fundraising arm, focussing on advising ambitious companies achieve their growth aspirations through strong access, from both the finnCap and Cavendish networks, to a deep and varied pool of capital.

Hugo Lough joined finnCap in March 2017 to join the newly formed Private Company team. From late 2017, Hugo has focused on private fundraising, helping ambitious companies secure funding to support their growth story. Hugo has developed a substantial network of funders, both debt and equity.

What’s included? 
You get a private dining experience with a knowledgeable speaker, 2 course dinner with wine or 2 soft drinks plus highly curated and relevant crowd. This is a dinner, not a dropin event, so we ask that guests turn up on time and don’t leave until after the Q&A.


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Maximum investment under EIS and SEIS

Update: The 2017 Budget made some changes for knowledge intensive companies.

Maximum investment into the company

A company can raise £5m in a 12 month period under EIS.

A company can raise £150k in its lifetime under SEIS.

Under EIS and SEIS collectively, a company can raise £5m in total in a 12 month period.

Maximum investment by an individual

An individual investor can invest £1m per year under EIS.

An individual investor can invest £100k per year under SEIS.

These differing caps are due to the tax reliefs under SEIS being more generous than under EIS.

Read more about income tax relief for investors under EIS or SEIS.